Applause for Benn

Hilary Benn received a rousing reception after completing his speech during the debate in the House of Commons on whether to bomb ISIS in Syria. The house even broke into applause, generally frowned upon by the Speaker, which lasted for over 40 seconds. Most of the applause was from the Conservative benches who had proposed the motion to which Benn was supporting but a good deal of applause also came from his own benches.

Benn: ... and that is why
      I ask my colleagues
      to vote for this motion
Chamber: ((shouts of agreement & applause & ‘here here’))
             ((‘outstanding brilliant’))
                 ((‘more more’))
                ((for 41 seconds))
SP: I call the ...

External link to clip

The applause and cheers were in stark contrast to the receptions received by David Cameron (PM) and Jeremy Corbyn (LO) who spoke earlier in the day.

PM: ... and I commend this motion to the house
Chamber ((shouts of agreement for 5 secs))
SP: order ...

LO: ... faced by the people in Syria
Chamber: ((muted shouts of agreement for 1 sec))
SP: Sir Allan Duncan


Sadly, Hilary Benn’s warm reception will not be remembered in history so well. Hansard, the official publication of the transcripts of the house, had only this to say:

Hansard: That is why I ask my colleagues
         to vote for the motion tonight.

House of Commons, 2nd December 2015

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