PMQs Watch – “Diagnostic Radiophrakers”

Some more clips from PMQs for 210DEL students and coursework.

Corbyn rises to speak

Chamber: ((cheers))
JC: thank you mister speaker (.)
Chamber: ((‘too long’ comment from chamber member))
Chamber: ((laughter))
JC: ((stares at chamber member))
    tomorrow mister speaker is world cancer day ..


External link to clip

What is a ‘Diagnostic Radiophraker?

Cameron unusually stumbled over his words at one point creating a word blend in the process ‘radiophrakers’. Note the ‘revealing ahs’ from the chamber which have a special significance in the HoC .

DC: we- well first of all
    let me just come back to him
    on diagnostic radiographers (.)
    cos there are actually (.)
    <EIGHTeen HUNdred> (.) more dia-
    er radiost- ra ra er ra
Chamber ((reavealing ‘ahs’))
DC: er diagnostic radiophrakers

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Corbyn negotiates

Speaker: Jeremy COR::BYN
JC: mister speaker (.) the prime minister’s
    responsible for the health service in England (.)
Chamber member: yep
JC: Wales is a devolved matter (.)
    and he must be aware (1.0)
Chamber: ((noise))
Chamber ((noise continues))
JC: AND he must be aware

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Angry tone from Corbyn

JC: Martin contacted me this week
    who says
Chamber: ((grumbles))
JC: okay (.) it’s very funny
    for many me- members opposite
Chamber: ((general noise))
JC: it’s NOT funny for Martin
Chamber: ((general noise continues))
JC: Martin has a (1.0)
    Martin has a close friend ..

External link to clip


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