Turn change can often be signalled via body language. Here Hilary Benn gives the turn back to Andrew Marr through a raise of the eyebrows and a slight forward movement of the head (09). The rising intonation on Benn’s tone unit (08) suggests that he was not finished with his comments but he yielded the floor to the interviewer (Marr) who had indicated his desire to take the turn in 06 with a brief attempt to interrupt.

01 HB: the majority (.) sent us a message
02     about free ⇗movement
03     and we have to accept
04     the decision of the referendum
05     although
06 AM:          is=
07 HB:            =I’m very sorry
08     about the ⇗outcome
09     ((eyebrow raise))
10 AM: is there any possibility
11     of the Labour party

(HB=Hilary Benn; AM=Andrew Marr)

External link to audio clip

A Giphy here indicates the visual aspects of the communication:

The Andrew Marr Show, BBC, 26 June 2016 (approx. 50m51s)