What colour is Brexit?

If Brexit were a colour, what colour would it be? Are you dreaming of a ‘white’ Brexit meaning we get everything we hoped for? Or is your Brexit ‘black’ meaning we get out of Europe as quickly as possible with no strings attached? Maybe you are looking for something in between – a ‘grey’ Brexit – presumably with 50 shades?

Theresa May has just called for a ‘red, white and blue’ Brexit, whatever that means. Please post your colour of Brexit in the “Leave a reply” section below.

Brexit is breakfast

While you are there, consider what Brexit would be if you had it for breakfast? Eggs and bacon? A croissant? A boiled egg with soldiers?




One thought on “What colour is Brexit?

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  1. Red, blue and white. Red is the blood of the negotiators. Blue is the colour of the cheeks of the govt as they inhale the last ounce of oxygen as the deadline for leaving approaches. White is the colour of the cloth that they try to throw over the whole affair once it has finished to cover their tracks.


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