The story is bigger than the words

Political flashpoints often arise and are sustained when participants in the story refuse to listen to what has actually been said by someone. This seems to be the case of Ken Livingstone who has recently been suspended from the Labour due in part to comments he made linking Hitler and Zionism.

Here is what he said in the original interview which caused such an uproar:

01: remember when Hitler (.) won his election in nineteen thirty two
02: his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel
03: he was supporting (.) erm Zionism
04: before he went mad and (.)
05: and ended up killing six million Jews

External link to clip (audio)

The relevant line 03 has been underlined. A lot has been spoken and argued based on this line but it is surprising how very few people actually reference what was said originally. Maybe this is because it suits parties on both sides to ignore what was said: The story becomes bigger than the words spoken!

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