New species observed since Brexit referendum

Brexit has not only changed the political landscape but has also given rise to a number of new species in the Homo genus according to scientists. Here is a quick run through some of the newcomers.

Homo electus

  • new species just identified two years after previously thought extinct!

Trumpus impeachme

  • A large beast from the Americate family that is often seen mingling with Pan faragis.

A taxonomy of the order Politicae can be viewed here.


Homo brexus

homo1 – an ancient species that almost went extinct until Homo cameronda helped revive its fortunes in the 2016 referendus. The species has rapidly grown in numbers and habitat since this time.

Homo second-referendus

homo3 – a new species of politiciae that arrived on the scene immediately after the split with Homo brexus in 2016. Some dispute its name as Homo peoples-votus.

Boris boris

homo2 – a lone species that readily interbreeds with the Hominids.

Plankton corbynae (Plantae > Plankton)

homo4.png – a gentle creature which can often be found swaying passively in the breeze near thermal vents produced at manhole covers.

Pan faragis

homo5 – an Old World species that inhabits mostly Britain and the Americas. The species has been on the retreat in Europe.

Pan rees-moggus

homo6 – despite its lineage from Homo erectus, this creature prefers to spend most of its time lying on its back.

Pisces sturgeona

homo7.png – native only to Scotland, this species avoids all contact with its southerly neighbour Pisces albion.

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