Bercow: Chuntering from a sedentary position

John Bercow retired from the post of The Speaker in the House of Commons. Here are some of his best bits from this website.

Chuntering from a sedentary position

This was one of Bercow’s favourite phrases designed to put down judiciously a chamber member who was too rowdy. See also this.

Oy you, spit out your gum and shut up!

Bercow’s use of politeness and rhetoric to get his point across to chamber members was legendary.

Order, Order

This ubiquitous phrase is renown internationally thanks to Bercow’s melodic incantations when reciting it.

How to get thrown out of the House of Commons

Sometimes Bercow did need to throw MPs out of the House of Commons. Here’s how it happens.

A poem

This is where this website started really. Bercow was in the chair for 10 years, more than twice the length of this website.


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