I AM answering the question

Politicians often get accused of not answering questions but sometimes they fight back as Andy McDonald did on Friday.

The exchange took place on the BBC Newsnight programme during an interview with host Emma Barnett (EB). Part way into the interview, Barnett accused McDonald (AM) of ‘not answering my question’ line 03. This set off a fight for the floor and a struggle to find who was posing the right question.

BBC Newsnight 22/11/2019 Emma Barnett; Andy McDonald
01 AM: they would be absolutely devastated
02     if [Boris Johnson gets his way
03 EB:    [you’re not answering my question
04     you’re answering the question 
05     you set for [yourself I'm sorry
06 AM:             [I AM answering my-
07 EB: you’re not answering the question because 
08     if [you believe
09 AM:    [no I am [answering the question
10 EB:             [sorry I'll I’ll pose it again
11 AM: you just choose not to accept it
12 EB: no no no no sorry
13     er [which part of
14 AM:    [well pose it again 
15     but [I will
16 EB:     [sorry which part of you
17     slagging off Boris Johnson’s proposals

External link to clip

Line 12 is an interesting use of extra high tone:  – no no no no sorry’ – perhaps to signal incredulity by the interviewer.

BBC Newsnight, 22nd November, 2019 (about 17 mins)


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