“No, listen to my arguments instead of hearing all yours!”

Lord Lilley being interviewed by Emily Maitlis on BBC Newsnight. I like how the interviewee sets his own agenda and tries to control the floor in line 08 and then in 14.

01 LL: [but we don’t want to have identical regulation
02 EM: [identical regulation
03 LL: no (.) so the only think you have to negotiate there
04     whereas (.) with Canada they had to spend years=
05 EM: =listen=
06 LL: =getting hang on
07 EM: [alignment xx xx
►08 LL: [no no listen to my arguments
09     instead of hearing all yours
10     if you (.) don’t mind
11     you gave (.) Steve Gethins a fair (.) crack of the whip er
12 EM: [tell me why alignment matters then
13 LL: [Stephen
►14     (0.5) er I’m I’m sorry
15     I’m going to answer the previous question
16     before I get on to your next one
LL= Lord Peter Lilly, Conservative Party; EM=Emily Maitlis, BBC

External link to audio clip


Newsnight, BBC, 25th November 2019 (about 9 mins)


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