Occasional questions and comprehensive answers

Interviewers usually ask questions and interviewees usually gives answers, right? Well in the ‘strange’ world of political interviews these rights and roles sometimes need to be explicitly stated.

Here is nice exchange between Andrew Marr and Michael Gove last Sunday. Gove had been trying to get a question in for some time as Gove, the Conservative MP for Surrey Heath, continued to talk.

01 AM: ((after trying to ask a question))
02     I'm sorry [I
03            [Labour
04 AM: I we have 
05     I have to ask occ- occasional questions
06     that's the kind of the way it works
07     [but
08 MG: [well and I and I 
09     and I have to give comprehensive answers
10 AM: you certainly [do
11 MG:               [that show
12 AM: you're certainly giving [comprehensive answers
13 MG:                         [that Labour
14     that Labour [three different positions  
15 AM:             [and we're hearing another one of them now

External link to audio clip

The Andrew Marr show, 18th October 2020

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