I heard this comment on Radio 4 this afternoon on the PM show and though it was worthy to bring it to you.

It is the first time in a long time that I have heard a politician, or any commentator or pundit, say that a two-thirds majority is needed for constitutional change. It should I believe have been two-thirds for Brexit and it should be two-thirds for Scottish independence if there is ever another vote. It won’t be of course. But Luke Graham makes a good case as to why two-thirds is morally correct because it carries the country or people with the decision. Without it we just go ‘back round the same arguments again and again’ which is what we are doing with Brexit.

Luke Graham: 
01 I think 
02 constitution change should always require 
03 a two thirds majority
04 erm not just going on 
05 er a simple fifty plus one
06 because I think if you are going to change something
07 so fundamental to people’s lives
08 and the 
09 the whole identity and purpose of a country 
10 you need to have 
11 at least two thirds of the people behind you
12 otherwise you’ll end up 
13 just going back round the same arguments 
14 again and again

External link to clip

Featured image: Official portrait of Luke Graham by Chris McAndrew

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