Every day we are bombarded with political rhetoric in the form of interviews, debates and statements from our political leaders and commentators, on the television, radio and internet. Underlying this rhetoric is the micro-world of spoken discourse that we rarely get to see or explore. This world consists of politicians and commentators equivocating, hesitating, pausing, and using all their rhetorical nous and logos to get their message across while presenting themselves in the best light and avoiding saying anything that might damage their face.

This website takes a balanced, in-depth look at this micro-world. It explores the spaces between words and utterances, and the pauses between turns and transitions. For each discourse event analysed from the recent political calendar, a detailed transcript, in the Conversation Analysis tradition, is provided together with live links so the user can review the original event. As the title suggests, the site provides neutral, academic commentary analysing the little things our leaders say and do in order to reveal the whole. As Ellen G. White once said:

It is the little things which reveal the chapters of the heart.

(Ellen G. White, 1885)

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