Get Brexit done

UPDATE: Boris got Brexit done so I won’t be updating this page.

This page charts the life history of the political slogan ‘get Brexit done’. More recent comments are on top.

17th December 2019

Boris Johnson, back in the House of Commons, is playing up his new expression ‘Get Brexit done’. He clearly sees this as a slogan for the Conservative party for the next few months.

Boris Johnson, House of Commons, 17th December 2019
BJ: and then this new democratic parliament
    this people’s parliament
    is going to do something Mr Speaker
    Mr Speaker I wonder if you can guess what it is
    that this parliament is going to do
    what is it going to do Mr Speaker
    not paying attention
    Mr Speaker I wonder if you can guess 
    what this parliament is going to do
    once we put the withdrawal agreement back
►   we’re going to [get Brexit done
Chamber:           [get Brexit done
BJ: Mr Speaker I think even your parrot Mr Speaker
    would have been able to cite that one by now
    and we are going to be able to get on with delivering
    on the priorities of the British people

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But what does ‘Get Brexit done’ actually mean? Theresa May had a similar vacuous statement in 2016 ‘Brexit means Brexit’ but this was eventually ditched when she realised that she couldn’t get Brexit done. We will see in the coming weeks and months whether Johnson is more successful.

14th December 2019

Johnson uses the slogan outside Downing Street. 

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