Closing an Interview (definition)


the final part of an interview in which the interlocutors agree to end the conversation


Closing a conversation usually requires that both interlocutors mutually agree to end the conversation. In order to signal this, they deliver relatively content-free turns to the floor in the hope that the other participant will do the same. (Try closing a telephone interview when the other person has more to say!)

A: okay, got to go
B: yep, see you
A: bye
B: bye

In a political interview, the interviewer normally has the right to terminate the conversation abruptly, unlike a day-to-day conversation. In the following example, the interviewer (NR) at line 09 interrupts the interviewee (BG) and closes the interview rapidly:

01 BG: ...
02     er determines
03     the policy that our government has
04     f- for what will be
05     the future arrangements
06     with the rest of the world
07     for the next
08     forty or [fifty years .hhh=
09 NR:          [Barry Gardiner
10     thank [you \very much indeed
11 BG:       [=and
12     (0.8) hhh
13 NR: Barry Gardiner
14     Labour’s shadow international trade secretary
15     from Westminster


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