Eye Gaze (definition)


the use of the eyes during conversation for regulatory and communicative functions


In the following example, the speaker (TW) looks down and away from the interviewer (AM) in order to hold the floor briefly for a few seconds when he senses the interviewer is about to interrupt:

05 TW  it it’s the status quo or the new deal=
06 AM: =↓ah
07 TW: ((looks down))
08     and it seems to me
09     [that that
10 AM: [so
11 TW: and it seems to me that that
12     ((looks at Marr))
13     that’s important

Further examples


Rossano, F. (2013) Chapter 15: Gaze in Conversation. In The Handbook of Conversation Analysis, First Edition. Edited by Jack Sidnell and Tanya Stivers. Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

Click to access Rossano_Gaze_Handbook-of-conversation-analysis_2012_1658279.pdf


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