Speech Error (definition)


“Speech errors are unintentional deviations from the target form one intends to produce” (Goldrick and Daland, 2007).

. “A slip of the tongue… is an involuntary deviation in performance from the speaker‟s current phonological, grammatical or lexical intention.” (Boomer and Laver, 1968)


The slip occurs in line 04 when Wark starts to utter the word ‘Instagram’ instead of ‘Amsterdam’. Wark recognises her error in 05 and corrects it in 06.

Kirsty Wark (Newsnight)
01 Amy Orben is a lecture for Oxford University
02 specializing in the effects of hu-
03 social media on human interaction (.)
04 she joins us from Insta-
05 er from Instagram (.)
06 from Amsterdam ((laughs))
07 thank you both very indeed for (joining us)

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Boomer, DS & Laver, JDM (1968) Slips of the Tongue, British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 3(1)

Goldricks, M and Daland, R. (2007). Linking Speech Error and Phonological Grammar:
Insights from Harmonic Grammar Networks. Presented paper at the Experimental
Approaches to Optimality Theory workshop of National Institutes of Health.


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