PMQs Watch: Humour at Cameron’s last PMQs

Politicians are not noted for their stand-up comedy routines, but there was plenty of good humour at David Cameron’s last Prime Minister’s questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Many of the jokes were scripted and some fell a little flat as members struggled with their delivery. However the sense of occasions and the fact that it was the politicians delivering the jokes, at their own expense in some cases, meant that there were some genuinely funny moments worthy of Mock the Week or Have I Got News For You. Continue reading “PMQs Watch: Humour at Cameron’s last PMQs”

Capturing Accents and Jokes

One of the challenges for the Conversational Analysts is capturing accents and humour in naturally occurring speech. Accents can say so much about a person: where they grew up, their social class and their attitude towards others. It can also add meaning to the discourse and create humour. But capturing an accent in a transcript is not a simple matter. Continue reading “Capturing Accents and Jokes”

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