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Brexit is bacon and eggs!

Andrew Davies seems to have infected others with his ‘Brexit is breakfast’ slip of the tongue. Here is Andrew Neil, the BBC presenter, producing a similar slip of the tongue on the Daily Politics programme while interviewing Gavin Barwell.

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Slip of the tongue

A slip of the tongue from Jeremy Corbyn during PMQs.

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Brexit means breakfast!

Slips of the tongue can be embarrassing for the speaker at the best of times but often provide light relief for the audience. So it was with the Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew Davies, who was speaking at the Conservative party conference yesterday. Davies meant to say “we will make Brexit a success” but instead said “breakfast”.

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Slips of the Tongue – “Child free tax care”

A few weeks ago I reported on a slip of the tongue by David Cameron in the House of Commons. Here is another slip, this time by Conservative MP, Andrea Leadsom, during the EU referendum debate. Continue reading “Slips of the Tongue – “Child free tax care””

Slip squared!

Slips of the tongue can be embarrassing for anyone speaking in public, but when the slip occurs twice in quick succession, one has to ask whether the speaker subconsciously really wanted to say something different. David Cameron (DC) was outlining during PMQs the tough steps the government had taken against ‘unscrupulous employers’ under his premiership when he mistook the word ‘employees’ for ‘employers’ – a reasonable mistake to make you might think. Continue reading “Slip squared!”

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